Training and development

Through Sandstories, the following learning outcomes will be addressed:

  • participants will be able to recognise the characteristics and behaviours of families and professionals who are engaged in a ‘resistant’ relationship
  • participants will explore strategies for maintaining a child-centred and ‘authoritative’ approach with resistant families, without losing empathy and compassion
  • participants will be better equipped to recognise ‘disguised compliance’ in families, particularly where child neglect is a concern
  • the importance of multi agency collaboration, and meaningful communication, is reiterated throughout
  • the crucial role of reflective practice, supervision and peer support to strengthen workforce resilience and wisdom will be reinforced
  • participants will understand better the impact of fear and stress (including domestic violence) on children and young people
  • participants will be better equipped to wrestle with the challenging question, “How long should we keep trying with this family?”
  • key messages from serious case reviews and research will underpin all of the learning

On a practical note, whilst Sue’s work is protected by copyright, she shows respect for the intellectual property and hard work of others. Where Sue’s work is informed by that of other people, she is keen to acknowledge and reference this.

“This training was unique as I left feeling like I had been on a journey and I don’t normally leave training feeling like that.”
Intensive Family Support Practitioner

“Devastating content but exquisitely delivered. I feel so privileged to have attended Sue’s course. Best course attended over a 40 year career.” Paediatric Nurse, acute services

Please feel free to contact Sandstories to discuss the design of a training package to meet your specific needs.