Health visitor

“I would shout from the rooftops that this training needs to be the gold standard of child protection training across all disciplines.

Sue leaves the 8 hours of safeguarding e-learning training standing when it comes to the impact it has made on every individual. Sue’s Sandstories are real and should impact people’s knowledge base on working with families, and seeks to give permission to practitioners to raise concerns about a family.

Most well done and the best training ever delivered. Needs to be across all areas of health where professionals are coming across children, therefore more funding needed to enable Sue to reach the masses. The only problem is she is unique, very
knowledgeable, and needs cloning!”

Children’s Services Practitioner

This training was delivered in such a way that gave REAL opportunity for reflection, thinking and discussion that is a rarity in today’s world.

The pace and calm were fantastic and Sue delivered in such an attentive and lovely way, sharing her wealth of experience without ‘preaching’. Personally, I found the method of delivery so good for my learning style.

I was engaged and focused for the entire day without the need to write copious notes and stress myself out over points to recall. It all ‘stayed in’ and I’m sure it will for a very long time to come.

I strongly recommend that every DSL, Police Officer, Health Professional, Social Worker and staff within the Children’s Resource base in our city should attend this particular training. Or indeed any person with a forward-facing role with children and families.

Social worker

“I feel like I’ve just had a rehab day as a social worker and have been reminded of the significance of the job I do. I’ve come away with a lot to think about, a thirst to look into more research and find out more and a great deal of respect for Sue. I feel very lucky to have been at this training. Thank you!”

School pastoral support

“This was like no other course I have ever attended. In fact, I wouldn’t call it a course – more an opening of my mind and a chance to reflect on the daily work I carry out, in an exceptional way.”

Social work team manager

“This training had a profound effect on my staff team and brought about a real shift in thinking and attitude towards neglect, particularly because so many staff experienced the course in a short time scale. It really made social workers recognise the serious risks associated with neglect and they made a clear link between neglect and child death. The investment of staff time was well worth it” 

Practitioner from assessment & review hub

“If I didn’t come to the course I would not have given myself the time to reflect on what I’d learned.”

Social worker

“Helped me to recall major learning and brought back how powerful this course is.”

Detective inspector

“I think this training would be beneficial to front line/uniformed officers and prior to going into any family protection unit.”

Voluntary sector family support worker

“The Sandstories were very powerful and my attention was gripped by them.  Sue refreshed my vigour for seeing things through a child’s eyes and I feel much less jaded.”

Social worker

“Absolutely excellent. Hands down the best training I have ever been on in 8 years in social work.”

Social worker

“One of the best training courses that I have attended in over 28 years of service.”

Occupational therapist

“I would absolutely, definitely, emphatically recommend this course to all my colleagues. I have found it to be a magnificent resource and have enjoyed your energy, passion and commitment in delivering it and sharing your knowledge and experiences. Thank you.”

Specialist public health nurse

“I would thoroughly recommend the Sandstories training. It was by far the best training I have ever attended, and I have worked in the NHS for 29 years. It was extremely emotive, and Sue delivered it in such a powerful way, I had goosebumps at times. I was totally absorbed and did not want the day to end.”

Home-school liaison worker

“Training I will never forget as a worker & human being.” 

Social worker

This was the most powerful and memorable training I have attended in a long time. It had an immediate impact on my practice, re-centring my practice and reminding me to be curious.

School leader

Sandstories exceeded my expectations. The presenter was the most empathetic trainer I have ever met. I have suggested to my senior leadership that the training be considered for a whole school inset day.

Health visitor

“Best course I have been on in years, amazing.”

Senior police officer, public protection

“40 years in the police and I have never received training in this style. It was powerfully delivered to a level of understanding for all.”

Intensive family support practitioner

“This training was unique as I left feeling like I had been on a journey and I don’t normally leave training feeling like that.”

Paediatric nurse, acute services

“Devastating content but exquisitely delivered. I feel so privileged to have attended Sue’s course. Best course attended over a 40 year career.”

Health visitor

“Reminds you of how much you have embedded what you have learned.”

Junior school headteacher

“This is the best, most thought provoking, most useful and inspirational training I’ve had in 30 years of work!”

Member of school academy management team

“This is without doubt one of the most engaging and thought-provoking courses I have been on. I frequently doubt my ability to ‘do enough’ to change any child’s situation; but today I feel reassured that every day, the actions I take really do make a difference, however small, in helping to safeguard children in our school and in our community.”

Speech & language therapist

“This was the best course on child protection I have ever been on. Sue is a fantastic tutor/trainer. She presents information in a novel and thought-provoking way. I’ll never forget her Sandstories.”

Family support worker

“This training was fantastic, made me think about our everyday practice and how we have to rush and comply and keep up with paperwork – sometimes we forget about the children in the middle of this chaos. Thank you, Sue.”

Health visitor

“Excellent presentation and format. Informative and thought provoking from the beginning to the end. Will adapt my practice in recognition of what I have heard and discussed today.”

Youth support worker

“Wow! The most amazing training I have ever done. Sue made this day informative and encouraging. One day was not long enough, it has reinforced my role and I will reflect on this day and the learning often.”

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