Strengthening Safeguarding Children Partnerships

In addition to Safeguarding Children Partnership (SCP) Development Days, Sandstories can support SCPs in strengthening their effectiveness.

Messages from the frontline

Bringing together multi-agency practitioners, to share in a Sandstories training session, creates a safe environment in which to reflect on the realities of local, frontline practice.

The experience of delivering Sandstories in recent years, has suggested that many SCPs would benefit from hearing the commentary given in these training sessions by local practitioners and their managers, about the strengths and challenges of local multi-agency working.

An additional offer is therefore available to commissioners, of a brief report to the SCP about “Messages from the frontline”; following the delivery of Sandstories in the SCP area.

Embedded session

The Embedded session of the Sandstories model is especially designed for practitioners and managers who have previously attended one of the Sandstories training sessions.

This session is also intended to support SCPs, by providing feedback on the impact of this training on frontline practice. This will assist SCPs in their self evaluation and will potentially provide evidence to share with inspectorates.

The purpose of this half day session is to explore how the reflective learning from Sandstories has been embedded in real-life practice. It will revisit the familiar characters and messages from the Sandstories and look for the evidence of where they have woven themselves into daily practice, case discussion and decision-making.

The Embedded session will have echoes of the original Sandstories training, in that it will create a safe and reflective space in which to be honest about the realities of day-to-day practice. There will be encouragement to recognise what helps – and what gets in the way – of achieving a child-centred approach to work with families.

Participants in the Embedded session will also be able to reflect on their professional development since the initial training and identify what else they might need to build on their determination to practice in a child-centred way.

The evidence and messages gathered through the Embedded session will be shared with the training commissioner/SCP, who can use this ‘intelligence’ to measure the impact of training on frontline practice and to plan future training programmes.

Feedback from participants in an Embedded session:

“If I didn’t come to the course I would not have given myself the time to reflect on what I’d learned” – Practitioner from Assessment and Review Hub

“Helped me to recall major learning and brought back how powerful this course is ” – Social Worker

“Reminds you of how much you have embedded what you have learned” – Health Visitor