Sandstories are unique and powerful.

Sandstories bring insight and wisdom to understanding the impact of the neglect and maltreatment of infants and children. This extends to the legacy these children will carry with them into adolescence and adulthood.

Sue Woolmore has woven her many years of experience in child protection into this very special training tool. A deep vein running through this work is Sue’s desire to empower and support professionals and volunteers who are drawn alongside children and young people.

Story telling can help us to bypass some of our intellectual barriers and defences, allowing us to explore a more deep rooted response to life experiences. Sandstories are no different. They provide us with a unique and penetrating lens, with which to see through the doors and walls of family lives which may be damaging hidden children.

“This has been a reminder of why I came to work in this field in the first place. At a time of change, when my future role is at risk of becoming ‘bureaucratic’ I will revisit my values and reconnect what I do now with front line practitioners. A powerful, innovative session. Thank you!”
Feedback from front line manager

Sandstories are protected by copyright.
This legal protection recognises not simply ‘intellectual property’, but also preserves the integrity of this important training tool.