Staying connected

Sandstories training has now been back on the road for a couple of months and I have been privileged to meet with extraordinary practitioners in Glasgow, London, Southampton, Shropshire, Cheshire, the north-east of England and the Home Counties. This has included health professionals, police officers, children’s services practitioners, schools, youth workers and family support workers.Continue reading “Staying connected”

Facemasks, austerity and useful tips

Last month heralded the reopening of pub gardens and non-essential shops can also trade again! Hopefully this will bring solace – and wages – to many people who have been struggling. It won’t be long before the restrictions are reduced still further and everyday activities will be able to replace some of the socially-distanced isolationContinue reading “Facemasks, austerity and useful tips”

Face to face

Throughout the long months of Covid restrictions, the word “unprecedented” has been used an infinite number of times. This has applied to every part of our personal lives. And it has also had an immeasurable impact on the work of professionals and volunteers, who have been showing unsung heroism in their determination to draw alongsideContinue reading “Face to face”